Doggy Day Care at Kamp K9!

Klaws, Paws and Hooves (KPH) offers both canine and human companionship for your pooch with Doggy Day Care at our new Half Moon Bay facility.

Why Should I Consider Doggy Day Care?

Your canine companion will benefit from playing with other dogs and learning to socialize in the ever-changing KPH pack while enjoying outings, exercise, and treats.
Dogs are matched according to size and disposition, and older or medically challenged dogs get plenty of human attention.
Perhaps you have a young or high-energy dog who needs weekly socialization...or a destructive or "challenging" dog who needs daily supervision...or you work "over the hill" all day but want your dog to get fresh air and play time...or you just need to get your pooch out of the way of a renovation project for a few days...We are here to help!

The Kamp K9 Experience

Our experienced Kamp counselors pick up your dog from your home anywhere between Montara and La Honda in our safe, fully-equipped, air-conditioned van between 9:00 and 10:45 a.m. K9 Kampers arrive at our Half Moon Bay facility by mid-morning and are turned loose in two large areas that are double-fenced for security.
We have tons of things to see (and sniff!) and do in this country atmosphere. Your canine companion will spend the day engaged in fun counselor-supervised activities: fetch, chase, ball-playing, and "let´s dig to China"! Dogs are safe, secure and supervised throughout the day.
Kamp counselors bring your dog home between 4 and 6 p.m.

Is Kamp K9 Right for My Dog?

We´ll determine that together during our meet-and-greet "interview" with you and your canine companion. Call KPH to have your canine companion pre-screened for Doggy Day Care today! KPH reserves the right to refuse service to any dog for any reason.
All dogs must be current on shots and heartworm protection.

Dog Profile

We'd like to have as much information as possible to make sure your canine companion has a great time at Kamp K9. Please print out our Dog Profile form (PDF) and fill it out before your pet's meet-and-greet "interview".

Kamp K9 Pricing

Multi-day discount packages are available with a 30-day contract as follows:

One Dog
5 days per week $30.00 per day
3 or 4 days per week 40.00 per day
1 or 2 days per week $45.00 per day

Two or More Dogs
Additional dogs can join Kamp for 50% of your first dog's daily rate.

New Client Discount Package
Packages of 10 visits in 6 weeks will receive a discount of 5%.

Please note : Less than 4 days per month will pay a flat rate of $50 per day. Payment is due on day of service. Any request of services upon drop-off or pick-up will incur an additional service fee. Feeding, potty break, brush out of dogs are included in the additional services.

Payment is due at the beginning of each 30-day contract or on the day of service.