As soon as we brought Zora home from the shelter, we realized we were in wayyyyyy over our heads. Her boundless energy and capacity for destruction were more than we could handle. We called Katheryn looking for someone who could keep Zora out of trouble during the day. But we also got someone who helped us really understand our dog--from crate training techniques, to socialization skills, to exercise suggestions for burning off that crazy puppy energy. Now Zora waits eagerly every morning for Katheryn to pick her up. And we can't wait to get home every night to the amazing dog Katheryn helped us discover.

Katheryn Weaver (the owner and director of Klaws Paws and Hooves Pet Sitting Service) has been outstanding! Much to my amazement and immense gratitude, she was ALWAYS available and totally reliable, even when (at the last minute) we spontaneously decided to go away. She has always been very professional, warm, personable, helpful, and communicative. She went out of her way to be extra accommodating, no matter what. Katheryn also took care of our plants and our house. I remember a time when my husband Chris) and I were away in Europe and there was a water leak in the garage. She went to a lot of extra trouble to insure that our cars and possessions were protected from any damage, and she took care of everything wonderfully. Katheryn is obviously a very compassionate person (extremely important to have in a pet sitter). In my opinion, she loves animals and understands them well. Taking care of my cat, Panther, was much more than just a job to her. She truly cared about and understood Panther. She and I have had numerous fun, helpful talks about Panther's needs and antics. Whenever I went away on a trip, I always knew that Panther was in the very best of hands. Although Katheryn and I have always had a professional relationship, over the years she has also come to feel like a friend. Panther, Chris, and I have been truly blessed and spoiled to have the very best pet sitting service. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we give her and her business our highest recommendation!
-Elaine Sohier

When Katheryn Weaver cares for our dogs, we know they are in the hands of someone who is not only very responsible but who is also very proactive. She anticipates problems and solves them before they happen. She was very capable of handling our very large and very hyper Alaskan Malamutes, Olorin and Nightskye. We look forward to having her work with our new dog, Twlight and our new puppy, Beorn. Last but not least, the dogs just love her!
-Betsey Flood and Mark Zborowski, Half Moon Bay

Rocket is a rescue border collie/pit bull mix. When we adopted him in 2000, we quickly realized that he was not particularly well socialized with other dogs. He reacted negatively to some dogs. The problem was: there was no discernable pattern to the types of dogs Rocket liked or didn't like. Katheryn helped us understand the underlying issues and the cues to his potential reaction. This was a great help to us and Rocket's behavior around other dogs improved. Rocket loves mid-day walks (and boarding) with Katheryn!
-Margie Gater